Meal Prep Specialist - Holistic Chef - Health and Wellness Coach

Ripe Refuel   |  Season Stabilizer

It is always the right time to reset with better eating habits and stabilize the body to ensure that you stay fuelled throughout every season.
This program was designed to not only detox, but to guide you to create your own balance.

This is for anyone that wants to:

  • get healthy habits back into your routine
  • learn how to cook healthy balanced meals 
  • teach you how to prepare for healthy holidays 
  • learn how to effectively grocery shop and read nutritional labels 
  • learn how to meal prep efficiently
  • begin to resolve weight-loss concerns 
  • resolve specific dietary restrictions or health issues 
  • discover seasonal recipes or portion control 
  • increase energy
  • enhance their overall lifestyle 

Nourishing our bodies is a form of self-love. If you are looking to enhance your lifestyle and change the way you eat - this is for you. The RIPE Refuel  program will help you learn your way around the grocery store and cook yourself to clean eating.

The focus will be on whole foods and meal prep, and every recipe and nutrition plan is customized to fit your specific needs.

The cooking sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and when we finish our session together you will have 5 days of delicious food to keep you satiated. 

The RIPE Refuel program will kickstart your kitchen skills and educate you on the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

Kitchen Kickstart Package Includes:  Promotion Available

1  x 45 minute Nutritional Consultation - to discuss health needs and goals. 

1 x Personalized Nutrition Plan - tailored to your health needs, goals and preferred style of eating.

1  x 60 minute Educational Grocery Tour - to teach you what to gear towards and stay away from and how to read nutritional labels. 

4  x 90 minute One on One personalized in home cooking lessons - focused on how to Meal Prep effectively.