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Meal Delivery


Based on the principles of Holistic Nutrition. Loaded with superfoods, created with devotion, and delivered fresh to your home or office.

Ripe meals are prepared with love. We are all about quality ingredients, plant-based nutrition, and whole foods over processed.

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Tell Us How We Did
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Always fresh and nutritionally balanced. Breakfast is still “the most important meal of the day”. We take your morning fuel very seriously. You will start your day off with antioxidant-dense superfoods that will keep you satisfied until lunch.

  • Chia pudding with probiotic Greek yogurt and fresh fruit
  • Frittata with fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables



We don’t play around with our lunch. We know that you are busy and that you might not have the time to make your own healthy lunch every day, so leave it to the experts. Rest assured that you will be indulging in fresh fuel to keep your energy up!

  • Red lentil pasta with fresh basil pesto
  • Quinoa salad with seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs



A more formal feast than lunch. Bold flavours and enough protein to keep you full and satisfied to resist nighttime snacking. Dinner should be what you have been looking forward to all day. Getting home, relaxing, and enjoying a home cooked meal. With dinner already made you have more time to enjoy your night and feel great about your choices!

  • Sliced steak on brown rice with sweet potato and asparagus
  • Jerk chicken on quinoa with roasted zucchini and spiced carrots