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Rest, Rejuvenate & Repeat

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Rest, Rejuvenate & Repeat

Ripe Nutrition

Rest is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

For anyone who is feeling run down or under the weather, this is for you.

Life seems to always be go-go-go lately and sometimes it's difficult to fit everything into one day.

It doesn't matter how hard you train at the gym or how healthy you eat if you aren't letting yourself rest and restore.

Rest rejuvenates your body and mind, regulates your mood, and is linked to learning and memory function.

On the other hand, not getting enough rest can negatively affect your mood, immune system, memory, and stress levels.

What I do with my clients is not only help with their nutrition but also try to bring a sense of calm and restoration into their overly active lifestyles.

I always talk about the importance of exercise and nutrition but we need to remember that rest is also right up there at the top of the list. We all know how important sleep is but sometimes rest can be just as important.

I would say that I have a very balanced lifestyle. I eat clean, work out daily and I like to treat myself. That being said sometimes I overdo it. Whether it be working out too hard by lifting heavy weights or pushing myself when I feel too tired, it always catches up to me.

I have said yes to social gatherings in order to show face, or be a good friend and my body has paid the price for it by getting sick. When you get sick or run down it’s usually your body telling you that you need to slow down and take a moment to rest. 

What I have learned is to take time for myself to recoup and just be alone in my own space. I now try to turn off my phone around 9pm whenever I am at home and just rest. It is difficult to rest when you are constantly distracted or engaged with a device, talking to friends or replying to work emails and clicking through social media.

Challenge yourself this week to take one night for yourself to just 'be'. Get yourself some rest - you deserve it.